X-ray vision as it appears in Teen Titans fan-fics.



Brainiac (Superman)2

Brainiac is x-rayed by Superman.




Martian Manhunter








Justice Evolution - Superman, Superboy, and Martian Manhunter uses his x-ray vision to see shielded dangers, unless stopped by led. Rogue accidentally accessed this power when she drained Superboy's power to free him from Apocalypse, seeing through her hand for a few moments. Zod also has this power. Amazo also gained this power when he scanned Superboy.

Teen Titans - When Blackfire aparently robbed a bank, Superboy's x-ray vision kicked in, and he saw the girl's green skeleton and realized Blackfire was innocent. Superboy then used his x-ray vision to see shielded dangers, unless they're made of led. Bizarro, Zod, Jax-Ur, and Mala can do this as well.

Starfire and the Seven Tiny Titans - Superboy used his x-ray vision to scan the cottage his friends live in when they notice some odd differences and again to see that Starfire was aparently killed by Blackfire.

Superboy - Superboy has access to his x-ray vision due to a genetic mix-up by Cadmus. Superman could also use it when he was alive.

Conner - Conner developed his x-ray vision by the time he was a teenager. His father Superman and Martian Manhunter also have this power.

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