Ultimatrix Nanite Syndrome

Microscope close up of the nanites of the UNS.

Ultimatrix Nanite Syndrome a.k.a Senthetic Nanite Syndrome is the Omnitrix fused Nanite Syndrome. And it was created by the scientist with the help of the energy of the Omnitrix.

The creation of the stronger bioweaponEdit

Since the Nanite Syndrome was created in LV 02, some of these test subjects were growing weaker, and weaker. A scientist had the Omnitrix connecting to the wires to the container. Studing the formula of the of the stronger version of the Nanite Syndrome, the test subjects were growing stronger, faster and studlier. It was a huge sucess, until things go bad to worst. Test subjects grew powerful and violent to scientist, the DPC on their way to stop these monsters have been effected by the super weapon formula. The Cheif ordered hid soldiers to take all of the Ultimatrix Nanite Syndrome in the safe room never be used ever again.