The Teen Titans must team up the X-Men to stop Darkseid!


Jonathan Frakes - Dick Grayson/ Nightwing

Rino Romano - Scott Summers/ Cyclops

Ron Perlman - Erik Lensherr/ Magneto

Jeff Bennett - Toad, Desaad, Policeman

Bill Fagerbakke - Blob, G'Nark

Pat Carroll - Granny Goodness

Thom Adcox - Pyro

Kevin Michael Richardson - Darkseid, Juggernaut, Titan's Computer

Ed Asner - J.Jonah Jameson

Keith David - Martian Manhunter

Rocky Carroll - Cyborg

Bridgett Bako - Kole

Marina Sirtis - Mystique

Jodi Benson - Starfire

Ashley Johnson - Rogue

Greg Cipes - Gambit, Beastboy

Diedrich Bader - Beast

Tara Strong - Raven, Lashina, Narrator

Sali Richardson - Wonder Woman


Whoopi Goldberg - Storm

Patrick Stewart - Prof. Xavier


Jeremy Irons - Deathstroke

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