The Leader




Brother: ZaK


Fire/shoot flames


Cold, Dark, Evil, Menacing


The leader, is the leader of the League of Evil. Hes in charge of anyone from the league.His younger brother, ZaK, is in the leauge, but all else is unknown as he is a mystery. The leader can shoot fire from his fists and can ignite the ground where he walks.

The LeagueEdit

As the leader, he sent many of his goons and monsters to attack the city, mearly to annoy the Titans so he could set his wrath. His 5 recruits attacked the Titans, as they were perfectly matched.


After watching many battles, The leader started to take an intrest in Crow, the leader of the titans . After one battle he planted a micro chip on the floor, when the titans went to invsetigate afterwards, Crow found the chip and saw blueprints on the attacks. Crow looked at the links and slowly but surly came around to joining the Leauge.

Further Attacks

At one point, the leader was once in control of the whole city, with all the titans defeated, but one of the titans allies single handidly rescued them and they finished of the leauge for good, or though they thought....

Personality and TraitsEdit

He is cold, dark and caluclating. Not caring for anyone except himself. His fire powers come in handy when he is fighting hand to hand.