The Hurricane








Air headed, Show off, Funny


The Hurricane is from the North side of the City and has powers of the wind. He can comand hurricanes and blow his enemies away.

Meeting the TitansEdit

On the coast of the city, where the wind farm was. The Evil 5 attacked them, hoping to run down the city's power. They defeated him and knocked him into the sea, the titans arrived, Nightfang turned into a whale and dived down to save him. The rest of the titans defeated the evil 5 and they went over to see him. The Hurricane instantly denied he needed saving. Crow asked him if he had powers, because he was doing a good job fighting off them before the titans arrived, also because he was wearing a super-hero-ish type of suit. The Hurricane showed them his wind powers and Crow gave hima communicator, making him one of the Honorary Titans.

Titans EastEdit

Ayame, once a Head Titan, decided to have a few titans to defend the East side of the City. She chose The Hurricane to join because he had unique power and could be an asset to the group. As an East Titan, he came very friendly with the group, more of the reblious one, care free. He did many missions with his friends and helped fight,

Personality & TraitsEdit

The Hurricane, like his name could make hurricanes and capture them in his hands, also he could fly with the power of the wind, and with one breath, he could blow the Badguys away. He was a show off and loved to win, but kindhearted he was very funny. (or tried to be)