The Dark Insects are symbiotic copies of Nightstreak's Insectrix Forms and the guardians of Nightstreak's upgrades.


  • Dark Nightstreak (leader): Could generate symbiotic tendrils that functioned as weblines; blasted high-powered energy pulses.
  • Dark Armite: Could leap repeatedly in the air as a ball of deadly kinetic energy, and spray acid from palms
  • Dark Ball Weevil: Could fling balls of exploding chemical plasma; could crawl through small spaces.
  • Dark Cannonbeetle: Could boost around at high speeds; armorshell provided protection.
  • Dark Crashhopper: Leaped around with enhanced jumping boots; generated shockwaves upon impact.
  • Dark Explodant: Tossed grenades at long-range; superstrength made close-range dangerous.
  • Dark Eyeblast: Multiple eyes on multiple sides let him see everything; fired lasers from each of them.
  • Dark Hypnotick (guardian): Flight coupled with quick speed bursts enabled evasiveness; divebombed foes.
  • Dark Humoungospin (guardian): Combo of Humoungosting and Whirlopede; could fire powerful explosive blasts.
  • Dark Silverblade: Sliced up foes with wrist swords; gravity jetpack disabled liquid effects on exoskeleton.
  • Dark Slamworm (guardian): Digging robotoids in groups of three; used slime grapples to pull prey in.
  • Dark Sonicada: Sonic scream could shatter glass; superspeed made lock-on difficult.
  • Dark Trilomight (guardian): Large size provided more dexterity; could maul foes repeatedly with claws.
  • Dark Terroranchula: Had spiked armor and electric shield-webbing; could coat armor with said webbing.