The afterseasons are seasons after the first 5.

Season 5Edit

this season focuses on Starfire`s struggle to understand earth and her mysterious grudge against Storm Queen.

Episode title        Description            Villian(s) 

Plasma Graphed

The titans meet a new villian called Atriculis, but when Atriculis traps the titans, he seems invincible


Big Beef        Bot

Cyborg easily beats a robot of his same technology, but are worried when they learn he is a friend of Atriculis

Hector Hiver

Crime in pieces Another villian who can literally fall to pieces attacks the city, but when he is found out to be in this evil alliance of 3, the titans are suprised the leader is yet to come. Cuber
Alliance the titans are suprised to find that the Alliance is a newly formed Hive group. Cyborg fights hard -- because the leader is Brother Blood`s son! The New HIVE (Atriculis, Hector Hiver, Cuber, and Sonny Blood)
Difference & Returns all memory has come back to Terra and she becomes a teen titan again. But when they fight the White Monster, Starfire starts becoming more and more different from the team. White Monster, Hatchet.
Black is Back Blackfire returns, but with a new power. She now has the power of Herbokinesis,  but Starfire just can`t fight plants. Black Lotus (Blackfire with Herbokinesis)
Moths Bug me Atriculis (XL Terrestrial)`s cousin Mothellena becomes Killer Moth`s apprentice after The New Hive releases him. But his daughter, who was also unfrozen, isn`t too happy. Mothellena, Killer Moth, Kitten
Sister Lightning The titans fight what they think to be Overload, who has been supposedly freed too, only to find he is Killowat`s sister in disguise. Storm Queen
Thunderbolt Pt I Storm Queen traps Sonny Blood in the Master of Games` Jewel and hypnotizes all other villians. Starfire believes it right to free him, and he is freed, but the Titans South are in trouble. Storm Queen, Sonny Blood, Kommander, Atriculis, Mothellena, Killer Moth, Kitten, Cuber, Hector Hiver, Hatchet, White Monster
Thunderbolt Pt II Sonny Makes Titans South Battle the Teen Titans, but a furious Storm Queen recaptures him. This time she hypnotizes Killowat, her brother, but Thunder and Lightning come. Electricity VS Electricity! Who will win?

Sonny Blood, Storm Queen, Killowat, Pantha, Wildebeest, Hot Spot (all 4 under Sonny Blood`s Mind control)

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