Minor characters in Season 6 onward of Teen Titans.


Jor-El (Superman)

Jor-El watches Zod get imprisoned.

Jor-El - The biological grandfather of Superboy through Superman. Before Krypton exploded, Jor-El helped stop Zod's attempted take over of Krypton and helped free Argos. He was also present when Zod was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone.

Snapper Carr

Snapper Carr reports Jax-Ur and Mala's attack in Edge City.

Snapper Car - Snapper Car reported Jax-Ur and Mala's return in Edge City.

Silkie - The mascot of the Titans. He was with the Titans when they watched a documentary about antelopes mating, but Starfire covered his eyes during the actual reproduction scene. When a de-aged Starfire took a nap, she held Silkie like a teddy bear.


313 123

Brother Blood attacks.

Brother Blood - A mechanical Brother Blood was used by Ra's Al Ghul to test Cyborg and gets into a fierce struggle with him. Brother Blood is then destroyed when Cyborg blasts him to bits with his Proton Canon.

412 038

An illusion of Trigon taunts Raven.

Trigon - Raven's defeated and banished father. His effect on his daughter's life is still shown when Raven's exposed to the Daughter of Scarecrow's fear gas, and her fear illusion is Trigon tormenting her and claiming he'll rule over her for all eternity. This apparition of Trigon is destroyed once Raven realizes that she's simply in an illusion and calls out that she's not afraid of him and frees herself from it. A mechanical Trigon was also used by Ra's Al Ghul to test Raven, after trying to step on Raven, the mechanical Trigon was ripped to pieces by Raven's powers.

403 011

Dr. Light taunts Superboy.

Dr. Light - When Dr. Light was running from the Titans, Superboy caught him, and Dr. Light taunted that if Superboy brought him in, he'd hurt his mother, and this caused him to be slammed into a wall repeatedly until he was restrained by Raven. Following that, he thanked Raven and said he was ready to go to jail now.

Teen Tyrants - Evil versions created by Kitten using the Branding Iron of Morgaine LeFey. They are forced to serve Kitten, and Kitten has them do everything she wants, including destroying a theater that was showing a movie she didn't like, robbing an ice cream truck, and breaking into a cake store. They then fought their respective counterparts in the Titans when they arrived to stop them, and they were even with their opponents. Eventually, they gave ground until only Superboy, Robin, and Raven were left, and Robin used the Branding Iron to undo the spells, and the Tyrants were destroyed.

Boy - A boy with Fang's paralyzing powers was used by Lex to paralyze the Titans, so Lex could capture them. His fate afterwords is unknown.

411 045

Plasmus being frozen by Superboy.

Plasmus - Plasmus attacks Jump City and easily handles Robin, Kid Flash, Jinx, Starfire, and Blackfire until Superboy and Raven appear, with Superboy freezing Plasmus with super breath, and Raven shattering him back into his human form.