Unknown,she is not the person who shares personal information.


The ability to make ropes with her special stick. Teleportation Invisibility




Sunney was born in Turkey.She can teleport,and turn invisible.She is obsessed with the colour pink and her family is not known.

The LeagueEdit

She joined The leauge of E.V.I.L when she was 13 years old.She is good at fighting.Sunney was born evil,she was destined to be evil throughout her whole life.

When Crow joined up she liked him because he had betrayed The Teen Titans She enjoyed going on missions,mainly so she could beat the titans up.

Personality and TraitsEdit

She is cold,mean and dark,not the kindest person ever.She is very mysterious,even though what she wears is really bright.

She may seem unbeatable,but she really isnt,she has a weakness,any metal will stop her.You can hide some traces of metal in a rope necklace and give it to her and she wont be able to teleport any where.

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