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A dog the Titans were given after a mission with Superman.


Mel can be very excitable, but depending which Titan she's with, she can be as withdrawn and calm as Raven, or as excitable as Krypto.


Mel has only demonstrated having a longer than average tongue she used to lick Raven's face.


Mel is apparently susceptible to what can kill a normal dog, but this has yet to be tested.


Teen TitansEdit

Father and SonEdit

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Raven when Mel was taken in by the Titans.

A new dog given to the Titans by the king of another planet for helping calm a rampaging monster. Mel's first act as the newest Titan pet was to lick Raven's face with her extra long tongue. She's blue.

Ghosts of the PastEdit

Alfred (Justice League)

Alfred, who Mel annoyed slightly by running around with Krypto.

Mel later ran around Wayne Manor excitedly at Gotham, but she calmed down when Krypto did. She also waited with Krypto for the Titans to return from Ra's Al Ghul's challenge. When they did so, she joined in licking all of them.

Dog's DayEdit

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Raven reads with Mel.

After returning home, Mel gave Cyborg a wrench while he was working on the T-Car. Later, she snuggled close to Raven and went to sleep near Raven. Still later, Blackfire asked Mel for some help and asked her what to wear to impress Alex, but Mel just walked away. Mel later licked Krypto on the cheek. On Tamaran, Mel played with several Zarnics.

Tamaran AgainEdit

On Tamaran, Mel played with several Zarnics.

Raven WayneEdit

A pet dog Bruce gave to Raven when she was a stray puppy. After Pamela took over, Mel was threatened with expulsion from the house if he chased Pamela's cat, Scar. Instead, she dreamed of chasing Scat, but Raven discouraged these dreams for fear of them coming true, but Mel couldn't find it in her heart to like Scat due to his devious nature. Mel is often tricked by Scat into growling at him, and forcing Raven to take him outside for the day.

Mel then watched Raven cry at a fountain when a woman named Shayera appeared. To help Raven get to the ball, Mel was turned into a footwoman until midnight to help Raven into a carriage made from a pumpkin.

Just as midnight occured, Raven arrived and had everyone rush off, and only a short time later, they all turned back to normal. Mel panted happily for Raven's good time.