Heat Vision as it appears in fan-fics.



Superman Justice League Unlimited4

Superman uses his heat vision against the Parademons.





Bizarro (Justice League Unlimited)2

Bizarro uses his heat vision for one of the last times.







Superman vs. Darkseid

Superman uses his heat vision to fight Darkseid.

Justice Evolution - Superman uses his heat vision sparingly due to its destructive power, only using it so far to destroy Orion's Boom Tube to stop Darkseid from escaping a fight. Amazo gained this power when he scanned Superman. Zod has this power as well.

Teen Titans - Superboy gained his heat vision while watching a documentary about mating rituals and gained control of it by practicing on scarecrows. He uses it sparingly, such as super-heating an object to stop Exotica from escaping. Zod, Jax-Ur, and Mala can do this as well while Bizarro's heat vision was replaced by cold vision. Krypto also developed heat vision after Mel licked his cheek.

Superboy (Justice League Unlimited)

Superboy mines for diamonds.

Starfire and the Seven Tiny Titans - Superboy uses his heat vision to help him dig diamonds and other precious stones.

Superboy - Due to a genetic mix-up, Superboy already has access to his heat vision, and Superman had it too when he was alive.

Conner - By the time he was a teenager, Superboy gained heat vision. His father, Superman, has it as well.

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