Ronald Jimson and Lily Jimson


The ability to use a special magic wand


Harold was born in England and joined The Secret Society when he was about 7 years old.He was already in Sector 5 when he was 10 which was extremely good for that age.Festino was one of his many childhood friends.She left the society at age 11 though,he remains.He is known currently as Harold,leader/emperor/ of sector 7.

He is not the kindest person.

"Oh look its the Weakling of Sector 3" Harold to Festino when they meet again

Meeting the TitansEdit

Harold met the titans when he saw a few people doing bad things,the titans saw this and he immediately recognised Festino straight away.Crow him and gave him a Titan Communicator,this annoyed Festino alot as Harold was not one of the best people to have on a team.


Titans EastEdit

Harold joined Titans East after running into Ayame a japanese ninja girl.He became good friends with Tumbleweed.When he found out about the Leauge of E.V.I.L he disliked them,they were enemies to him.

The secret societyEdit

Harold joined The Secret Society when he was about 7 years old.He was good friends with Festino,but when she was about to recieve her Special Wand,he stopped it.He didnt want his friend to be able to have a wand like him.She left because of the huge fight,she never regretted it.

Harold enjoyed the society as he became the leader of sector 7 when he was 12.He was in charge of all people in sector 7.