Flash Family
Flash Justice League

Base of Operations

Central City


Flash/Wally West

Founding Members


Notable Members

Flash/Wally West, Kid Flash/Bart Allen, Jinx



Various heroes who look up to the Flash.

Leading MembersEdit

Flash is the leader of the Flash family.

Notable MembersEdit


Kid Flash





Teen TitansEdit

Speed Demons 2.0Edit

Kid Flash and Jinx join the Titans East, giving Flash an indirect say in Titan matters.


Flash and his wife Iris raise their nephew, Kid Flash together.

Flash, Kid Flash, and Iris later had lunch with Lois, Conner, Batman, and Robin.

Another day, the Flash family has a picnic at Metro Park before Darkseid attacks, and Flash goes off to face him.

Several years later, Barry Allen retired, and Wally took up the title of the Flash, marrying Jinx as well, bringing her into the family. Flash and Jinx then worked together to fight Darkesied's forces until Darkseid himself arrived.

The Flash family was extended even more with Flash and Jinx's son Jai, the new Kid Flash.

Conner IIEdit

The Flash family then went to Green Lantern to hear his origin story.

Iris later scolded Wally when he insulted Red X.

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