Supporting characters of Clark and Lois Kent.


Little Superboy

Conner after being brought to life.

Conner Kent - A puppet made by Clark and Lois to compensate for being unable to have children. When Clark and Lois wished that he was a real boy and they were their parents as well to have their empty hearts full, the angel Shayera brought Conner to life and made Shayera his conscience, and if he was good and brave one day, he would be a real boy. He then met his parents and talked to them. After that, he was put to sleep in their room with Clark promising that he could have his old room tomorrow as every little boy needed a room of his own. He then asked to play with the toys, hear a story, preferably how Clark and Lois met, tomorrow, which they agreed to as long as he went to sleep. He then went to sleep saying he loved his parents, which they said back. Conner later met Mr. Wayne, his wife, and their son, Terry. After shaking Terry's hand, he accidentally gave Terry a splinter. He then laid down in some cloth before being pulled out by Clark and told that he could only do that in his own room. After that, he ended up stepping in wet cement before being told that was bad and taken out of it by Lois. The next day, he found a tricycle Clark had planned to surprise him with. Conner was then taught how to ride it and accidentally slammed it into a wall. After going home, he picked up his toys after his mom asked him to for the third time and began drawing an odd S symbol. The next day, when his father said he'd teach Conner how to be a toy-maker, Conner said he'd rather draw. He then agreed with Lois compromise that he could draw after learning something from Clark. He then made a wing for Clark, and after that, he made a picture of Krypto with the S shape on his collar and in a cape. He was then told he'd go to school to learn things. When Krypto licked Conner's face, he pretended his mouth had been licked off as a joke, but Lois simply shouted that it wasn't funny. Conner then asked how he was supposed to act at school and was told to do what the other boys did. He took this to an extreme and imitated the other children which led to a fight. His parents then arrived, and they had to take him home. He then met a man named Lex Luthor who seemed really interested in him. At home, Lois and Clark told how they were disappointed in him, and they had Conner sit in a chair until suppertime to think about what he did. When he begins crying, they offer him some candy to try and keep the relationship strong, but Conner refused and was sent to his room. He then kicked the shelf in anger and ended up accidentally causing the music box on it to fall off. When Clark and Lois arrived, Conner lied that a wind blew it off, but they knew he was lying when his nose grew. They then had him tell the truth and told him to sit on the bed until they said so. Conner then heard from the window that Clark believed that Conner was a big disappointment, and he cried as he tried to do his best, and it only made his parents not want him. Shortly afterwards, Lex Luthor arrives, and Conner goes with him to be a star. After his first show, where he's called Superboy, Conner's put in a cage by Luthor to make sure he stays with him at all times. He then hides Conner when he believes the parents arrive. After this, Conner's released by Raven, and he runs up to a passing carriage and gets on it as it heads to Pleasure Island. Conner then arrives at Pleasure Island and plays pool and so forth with the head, Jason, and escapes Luthor several times that day. When Raven tries to convince him to come home, Conner shoves her down. Conner then shouts at Clark and Lois when they arrive, claiming he doesn't want them anymore and goes onto the roller coaster. He then ends up turning into a donkey. After that, he calls out to Lois and Clark when they arrive and is taken off to the salt mines. Whwn he saw his parents and Raven get swallowed by a whale, Conner jumped into the water to save them and ended up turned back into his normal self as he was swallowed in. Conner then apologized for not being good and feared he'd never be a real boy now. when his parents bega blaming themselves, Conner forgave them too, and when Clark planned to tickle the back of the whale's throat to have him cough them up, Conner had everybody ask him questions to get him to lie, so his nose would grow. During this, he revealed that he thought Raven was the prettiest girl in Smallville. They eventually made it out, and Conner then walked back home with the others as he learned what had happened while he was gone. Conner then chose to be a toy designer when Clark gives him a choice. Conner then stated that the incident with Monstro was fun, but he didn't want to do it again. He later asked if he really was the best son a mother and father could have since he was still made of wood until Clark comforted him. He then raced Clark home. He then asked to see the places Clark and Lois went to in the morning. When Conner went in, he saw Luthor and backed away. He then regrettebly explained that he had signed a contract with Luthor when he went off with him and asked Clark and Lois not to make him go with Luthor. Conner was then forcebly taken by Luthor until Clark and Lois begged for help. Shortly after that, Shayera arrived and, after seeing how much Clark and Lois cared for Conner, she made Conner into a real boy, which caused Luthor to lose interest in him. Conner then went inside with his parents and expressed an idea to make his drawing of Krypto a toy before resting after an exciting few days. When he grew up, he married Raven, and they had a daughter named Kara.

407 116

Arella advices Clark and Lois about parenting.

Arella Roth - A friend of Clark and Lois and an artist. She's the divorced mother of a girl named Raven. When they were going to Clark and Lois' toy shop, Arella reminded Raven to walk when they were in the street. When Raven showed a unicorn Clark and Lois gave her, Arella advised that she put it in her purse to keep it safe until they got home. Arella then commented about how Clark and Lois had outdone themselves. She then told Raven not to run when she went to see Krypto. Arella then explained about how parenting is harder than it looks before she took Raven home to put away the unicorn she'd gotten and get their over night stuff as they planned to spend the night at the toy shop. After it was closed, she assisted in cleaning it up. She also saw a personal puppet of Conner and Lois' named Conner. She then let Raven sleep downstairs with Conner while she slept in Clark's old room from when he was a boy. She then went upstairs, commenting on how big Clark and Lois' hearts were. She was awoken by a series of sounds and witnessed the angel Shayera make Conner alive. When she learns from Raven that she's been made Conner's conscience, Arella says that she's sure Raven will make a good one. They then went back to sleep. Arella then went home with Raven. Arella later let Raven go see Conner to try and cheer him up. When she didn't arrive after an hour, she went to look for her. She then followed Clark and Lois as they believed she followed Conner when he went to live with Lex Luthor. When they hear from Luthor that Conner left to search for his future in Metropolis. Arella then stays at Smallville as Clark and Lois assured her that they'd find the kids. When Clark and Lois returned with Conner and Raven. Arella then hugged and kissed Raven and told her to never run off again. She then said the next time she wanted to go after Conner, tell Clark, Lois, and her, and they'd go together. When they found Luthor there, Arella kept Conner close to her and Raven while Clark and Lois tried to convince Luthor not to take Conner. They failed, but Luthor let Conner go when Shayera made him a real boy. Arella then smiled at the reunited family with Raven.

413 121

Raven tries to stop Conner on Pleasure Island.

Raven Roth - Arella's daughter. She looks up to Clark and Lois as a spare set of parents. When the new toys were ready, Raven was reminded about how people have to walk while in the street, so Raven asked to go to the sidewalk, so they could run. Raven then ran up to Clark and Lois when they appeared, and they gave her a unicorn for a 3D art project she was working on as she wanted to be an artist like her mother. She then showed her new unicorn to Arella, and she suggested putting it in her purse to keep it safe, which she agreed to. She then pointed out a scary dragon to her mother as they were walking around. She then asked Mr. and Mrs. Kent where Krypto was, so she could play with him. She then left with her mother to drop off Raven's new unicorn before they grabbed some overnight stuff and spent the night at the Kents' house. After the shop was closed and Raven said good-bye to Kory, she helped keep Krypto busy while his mother cleaned up. She then asked what a covered toy was and saw a puppet named Conner. She liked it and asked if she could sleep down there with Conner, which Arella agreed to. She was then woken up when the angel Shayera arrived and made Conner a real boy. She also named Raven Conner's conscience. She then told this to her mother when she came down. After this, Raven stayed close to Conner for the next day. She thought a secret handshake he and Clark made up was cool. The next day, after Conner accidentally crashed his new tricycle into a wall, Raven checked to make sure he was okay, which he was. Raven later walked to school with Conner. When Conner got into a fight, she tried to stop him, but when the boy Conner was fighting with pushed her down, she shouted for Conner to beat the snot out of him. Raven later goes to the shop to cheer Conner up and explain figures of speech to him. When he leaves with Luthor, Raven chases after them. When Conner is trapped in a cage after his show, Raven helps get him out and chases after him again when he goes to a carriage and jumps onto the back. At Pleasure Island, Raven tries to get Conner to come home, but Conner shoves Raven down, so that she skins her knee. She then cries until Clark and Lois arrive and comfort her. She then calls Conner a meanie. After that, she learns that going through the rollar coaster turns people into donkies and goes with Clark and Lois to try and stop that from happening. They fail and see Conner as a donkey before he's forced onto a boat to the salt mines. Raven then got on the boat as Clark and Lois rowed after the boat that held Conner. When a turned-to-normal Conner arrived, Raven turned her back to Conner and wouldn't talk to him until he apologized. Raven the accepted and suggested playing tag after they got out. She then got out when Conner used his nose to get them to escape. During this, Raven learned that Conner thought she was pretty. They then went back home. Raven later agreed with Conner that she wouldn't like to be swallowed by a whale again. Raven also said that Conner was really brave as he attempted to save his friends and family as a whale bigger than the whole town. When they arrived at the shop, Arella hugged and kissed Raven all over. Raven then promised never to run off again without telling Arella. Raven then witnessed Conner get turned into a real boy when Luthor made to take him away again. She then watched happily with her mother at the family's reunion. She later ended up married to Conner and had a daughter named Kara, with another one on the way.

Krypto - Clark and Lois' loyal dog. He is also very friendly with Raven. Krypto was also kept busy by Raven while Arella swept the floor for Clark and Lois. After that, he slept in Clark and Lois' room. Krypto was woken up by sounds downstairs and witnessed Conner being brought to life. He then went back to bed with the Kents. A few days later, he licked Conner before Lois pulled him off for fear of Krypto licking his painted on mouth off. Krypto then whined at Conner being sent to his room but was kept downstairs. When Conner left, Krypto whined again. Krypto then went with Clark and Lois as they went to say good-bye to Conner. When they hear that Conner left for Metropolis, Krypto went with Clark and Lois. Krypto hid behind Lois and Clark when he met the children of Idealia. Krypto then went onto a boat with Clark and Lois. He then ended up swallowed by the whale and when Conner showed up, Krypto licked him in happiness. He was then released thanks to Clark and Conner. After Conner was turned into a real boy by Shayera, he rested in his room with Krypto. Krypto later ended up with a son named Oddball.

John Stewart (Justice League Unlimited)

John asks Shayera how he did.

John Stewart V - Clark's guardian angel and Shayera's husband. He pretended to be the latest in a long line of magicians to show Clark that his missing son, Conner, didn't have to be a toy-maker by being the worst magician possible, such as when he causes a bush and a bench to catch fire. He then shows Clark a toy rabbit and is about to shoot him with an arrow when Lois stopped him, and Clark learns the lesson when he asks that if John prefers toy-making, why doesn't he do that, and John says his dad wants him to be.


Hamilton (Justice League Unlimited)2

Hamilton criticizes making children the old fashioned way.

Professor Hamilton - A scientist in the town of Idealia who made money by making perfect children for people. He even has one for himself. His latest customers were Scott and Barda. He later tried to sell several children to Clark and Lois, but they refused as they had learned that perfect children weren't what they were cracked up to be. It is later revealed that Hamilton was created by Shayera to teach Clark and Lois this very lesson.

Red Hood2

Jason prepares to welcome the new visitors.

Jason Todd - The head of Pleasure Island. Jason welcomed Conner and the other boys there. He then saved Conner from Luthor and knocked his puppet away. Following that, he showed the kids a roller coaster that would turn them into donkies. Jason then had Luthor taken away and attempted to stop Clark and Lois from going after Conner, but they got ahead of him, but they were too late and saw Jason arrive, and he gave them a farewell with an evil smirk.