Clark and Lois (Superman)

Clark and Lois talk.

Geppetto with characters from the DCAU and Teen Titans.

The CastEdit

Clark Kent/Lois Lane as Geppetto

Krypto as Figaro

Lex Luthor as Stromboli

Conner Kent as Pinocchio

Raven as Sophia

Shayera as the Blue Fairy

Arella as Sophia's parent

John Stewart as Lezarno

Professor Hamilton as Professor Buonrigazzo

Red Hood/Jason Todd as Pleasure Island Ringmaster


Geppetto's character is split in two, Clark and Lois.

Raven's character, Sophia, is made more prominent and instead of having a father, she has a mother. She's also more well behaved than most of the other children.

Also, it's revealed that Conner and Raven end up together with a child named Kara and Conner works for his parents as a toy designer.


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