Batman Family
Bat-Family (Batman 2)

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Batman, Robin


Dynamic Duo, Terrific Trio

Batman and related heroes who look up to him.

Leading MembersEdit

Batman's the leader of the Bat-Family as he's been doing this the longest.

Notable MembersEdit





Red X


Terrific Trio

Dynamic Duo


Justice EvolutionEdit


Batman compliments Robin and the other Titans when they capture Metallo.

Two EarthsEdit

Batman and Robin then work together on New Genesis to free Raven from Apocalypse's control.


Batman and Robin then went to New Genesis with their team to ask help for Orion. At the floating island where the New Gods dwelled, Batman and Robin used their capes to catch Lightray and were about to ask him where Orion was before Orion arrived.

Batman and Robin then ended up separated when Batman followed Orion to New Genesis and Robin ended up having to watch the children.

Only a DreamEdit

Batman and Robin worked together to fight Firefly and Volcana during a breakout from Stryker's and investigated the disappearance of a prisoner named John Dee, who by now had become Dr. Destiny.

Teen TitansEdit

Titans Go to GothamEdit

Batman later asked Robin and the other Titans to guard Gotham while he was away on a mission.

Clark and Lois KentEdit

Bruce and Diana (Justice League

Bruce and Diana.

The Waynes, Bruce, Diana, and Terry, own a carriage fixing shops. They're also friends with the Kents and meet their wooden son, Conner.

They then watched the reunited family hug and smiled.


Batman and Robin (The Batman)

Batman and Robin three years after Robin's adoption.

Batman adopted Dick Grayson when he loses his parents at the age of four, and he becomes the hero Robin.

When Darkseid attacks, Batman has Robin go with Arella and her daughter Raven to safety.

When Robin became Nightwing and married Starfire, she became part of the family. Batman and Nightwing then worked together to fight off Darkseid's Parademons until Darkseid himself arrived.

The Batman was then expanded even more with Nightwing and Starfire's daughter, Nightstar.

Conner IIEdit

When Robin asked what being twitterpated was, Batman nervously stated he'd tell him when he's older.

Raven WayneEdit

Bruce has a daughter named Raven and marries a woman named Pamela, who has two daughters named Kitten and Blackfire, before he dies.