Batgirl (Batman Beyond)

Real Name

Barbara Gordon


No information








James Gordon - Father




Her teammates in danger.


Batarang, explosive Batarangs, grappling hook

Batgirl as she appears in Teen Titans fan-fics.


Batgirl's personality is usually that of her DCAU self or her The Batman self.


Batgirl has no powers aside from a photographic memory and her bat-themed gadgets.


Batgirl has weaknesses the same as any other human in addition to her friends and father being in danger.


Teen TitansEdit

Bats and TitansEdit

Batgirl (Batman Beyond)

Batgirl pursues Walker with the Titans.

Still working with Batman, Batgirl came to his and the Titans' aid while investigating where Walker and Bane are. When Batgirl was hit on by Cyborg and Beast Boy, Batgirl countered by claiming to have shoes older than the two of them. Batgirl then congratulated Robin when he figured out a hole Superboy fell in may lead to Walker and Bane. Batgirl then witnesses Mr. Freeze defeat Walker.

Raven WayneEdit

Raven Wayne II: Dreams Come TrueEdit

Barbara Gordon (Batman)

Barbara greets Raven.

Barbara is the brightest girl in the castle and becomes one of Raven's ladies in waiting after her marriage to Conner. While trying to help Lana wake Raven up, they realize that it's Raven's dog Mel, and Barbara is surprised by this. In the kitchen, Barbara is introduced to Raven, and she is stated to find out anything Raven would want to know. While Raven was getting put into a new dress, Barbara said she'd have the tailors try and get a new color for it. Barbara also agreed with Lana that the royal curtains shouldn't be opened. Barbara also taught Raven who sat where during meals. Barbara eventually bombarded Raven with review until she broke down and demanded a break.

Barbara was later encouraged to dance by Raven. She also decided to help Mel give birth, delivering several of the eight puppies, including the last one, who would be named Oddball.

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