"It`s you I want, Robin." -Atriculis

Atriculis is a villian who wears a hat that zaps out cubes, which he can grab and throw. The cube expands and marks some area. Atriculis can then sprout lasers inside the area.


Real Name

XL Terrestrial


Little Thief (Storm Queen) Mr Laser Box Guy (Beast Boy)






The New HIVE (Atriculis, Hector Hiver, Cuber, and Sonny Blood


Mothellena (Cousin)


Plasmakinesis and filling certain areas with lasers


HIVE Guardian


Being Victorious, Tulley, Hatchet, Oakey


Teen Titans, Makk, Junior Brotherhood


the History of Atriculis as XL Terrestrial is what happened in seasons 3 and 5 and in the comics. As Atriculis, he was found robbing a museum in Plasma Graphed. He threw a cube into the end of the hallway behind him (his end) and he placed one right behind him. The titans came and Atriculis triggered the lasers and the titans were trapped, so Atriculis got away. Atriculis then is seen escaping an abandoned pier when the titans come. Atriculis extracted some Plasma from some pebbles and hurls it at Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy, leaving them dazed on the rooftop, but Robin is untouched. Atriculis speaks of an Alliance, then dissapears. He then appears with The New HIVE in Alliance when their headquarters (a treehouse shaped like the Hive Insignia) and a big fight begins. The titans are thrown off the balcony, and, thanks to Raven, they survive. He does a cameo appearance in Thunderbolt Pt I and Villian Uprising.


he has a red suit with an A on it and a long hat with two holes at the end

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

from the holes in his hat he generates an electric cube. He can throw the cube and it will mark some area. He can then, using his mind, generate plasma lasers inside that area. He can also Manipulate Plasma.



Atriculis Invading the Museum

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