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Azarath , Teen Titans


Raven - cousin Arella - aunt Monks of Azarat-guardians


Levitation,Teleportation,Above-Average Physical Condition ,Multilingualism,medicine,Physical Condition,Empathy


Its weakness is, as in Azarath


No information

She OC for Titan, and not a new member, but only a few times helps them.


She and her cousin Raven mysterious, quiet, withdrawn, and though serious. She is extremely intelligent and always think first before you head something done or said. She hates Beast Boy jokes because she thinks it's not funny. She also showed great as a person and a good srca.She is protective of his friends and also will do everything to protect their friends and people to whom she cares


Anna's mystical powers allows her to fly and telekinetically.She can also manipulate objects the same way.Raven can use transmutation,She also knows the power of medicine and medical treatment. It even can become invisible.


Its weakness is, as in Azarath.


Teen TitansEdit

The endEdit

She came to the Titan.Then, together with Robin/Tim Drake,Beast Boy,Starfire and Cyborg Raven ate what was cooked and recovered, but laughed and said this is just delicious.After defeating the monster, went to the pizza and Starfire took the last piece, and she said mine and Ana said yuck to say you can eat...Returning Raven passed out Anna frowned and said, he coming soon'.

She is struggling together Titan against the Slade to protect Raven.When the Raven said, you are my friends if it will take me to go Trying to break it seems that I left Raven, Anna said we have to hurry up or Curse will come true if we do not do something.When Slade was asked to help them she agreed with Robin to save Raven.Trigon fainted when the world they will fight against their stone counterparts .... Later with Robin Anna will come for them to Raven who can not remember at all. Trigon will violate the Team Titans Raven will use their power and will end with the end of the evil that will destroy Trigon by Raven. Anna stories that win his relatives and said You are not only destroyed the demons, and not only are we proud of the whole world but you and your mother and smiled then, these two Zagria. After Anna returns to home planet and for every hug in the end. Will come to the planet, she meets with her ​​aunt and Arella says Your daughter is managed and walked away.
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Anna goodbye to Robin and precious to her as they met.


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